One Peculiar Temple in Rajasthan India - Bullet Baba

One peculiar thing about Rajasthan India is obviously the temples. We get the opportunity to see around 7-10 temples in one little path isn't it ? What's more, every single temple has a story behind it. In any case, not all stories get to be distinctly amazing, today lets know the Om Banna Temple. This is a very surprising sanctuary, which doesn't has any symbol of God or goddess yet the fundamental god of this sanctuary is a 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet bike. Yes you heard me right an Enfield bike.

Well there is a temple situated around 50 kms from Jodhpur, along the National Highway NH65. You should think what is so surprising about that, however hold tight the story is going to start.

Om Banna is shrine close Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, committed to a cruiser god, likewise called Bullet Baba.Om Banna Dham is found Jodhpur to Pali national interstate move while going to move roughly 20 km before Rohit police headquarters "clumsy" place of the board looks more than a two steps away the side of the area in the forested areas around 30 to 40 offerings and supplications products fixed with shops obvious and also reflected group, encompassed by a patio on which a huge photograph connected with, and always heavenly consuming fire and flies to see a solitary loaded with new blossom slug cruiser. The bicycle is a Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Many lovers turn up each day to petition God for a protected adventure, regularly bearing alcohol.

Om Banna Story:

Many villagers visit this place of worship to go to the bike and its late proprietor for safe journey in the zone, once notorious for countless of accidents.

The story that runs with the sanctuary and its god is loaded with heavenly turns. On the critical night of December 2, 1988, 24-year-old Om Banna died  on the spot while coming back from Pali to his town Chotila, as his vehicle slid and hit a tree.

Om banna or Om Singh Rathore has a place with Rathore group of Chotila. In 1991, in transit from Pali to Chotila, he crashed into a tree and his bike fell into a jettison which murdered him on the spot. The bike was seized by the nearby police and taken to the police headquarters yet was found the following morning at the mishap spot. The bicycle was seized and reclaimed to Police station again where it was bolted and anchored, however it was found at a similar place next morning once more. The legend says that the bicycle without fizzle made it out of the police headquarters notwithstanding when the fuel tank was professedly exhausted. It is famously trusted that regardless of what the policemen did Om Bana's Bullet come back to the mishap site before first light. This was viewed as a virtuous supernatural occurrence by the general population who keep on worshiping the Bullet Bike still. Om Banna Dham chotila Rohit Pali region is opened each time 24 hour in each season with blessed consuming fire called Jyote.There are numerous shopes brimming with love things.There are over 50 little and huge shops close by Om Bnna Ji Dham Chottila on National thruway Jodhpur to Pali Ahmadabad its additionally opened each season in 24 hour in light of the fact that at whatever time many gives visit here. This sanctuary is known as "Shot Baba's sanctuary".

Since this stunning occurrence occurred, anybody going on the national interstate 65 stop at this sanctuary. Be it the nearby cabbies, individuals on bikes and the vacationer transport drivers, yes practically everybody . While it is commitment and confidence for some, it is interest for the others as well. The OM BANNA sanctuary pulls in numerous aficionados who have a considerable measure of confidence in the slug baba. Local people trust that Bullet Baba really ensures every one of the individuals who going on this interstate.

The majority of the lovers result in these present circumstances sanctuary bearing containers of whisky. This offering is thought to be the decision at this altar. A few fans sprinkle the substance on Rathore's bust, and few hand over the container to the minister. Local people say that if The Bullet Baba satisfies your desire, then you ought to return here with a container of whisky. It is trusted that this specific soul was Om Singh Rathore's most loved tipple.

Numerous Women likewise visit this sanctuary and ask at Om Banna, they wish to the divinity to secure their spouses when they are going on this interstate. There are numerous red strings, red bangles and numerous vivid bits of fabric tied around the sanctuary, which show the confidence and conviction of a few enthusiasts.

We should think about how this sanctuary looks and what do you get around this sanctuary. The OM BANNA sanctuary is fundamentally a hoisted solid stage. Furthermore, the bust of Rathore stands above it. Yes the OM BANNA sanctuary dislike the ordinary sanctuaries with lovely engineering and models, however a straightforward hoisted stage which encases the bike inside a glass outline.

A little complex is there directly over the street from the sanctuary. This unpredictable houses little stores which offer knickknacks, as Om Banna key rings, photos and sanctuary miniatures.

India has such a large number of sanctuaries, some set great illustrations and some simply execute with confidence and convictions. Om Banna is a strong case of individuals' confidence and convictions. The neighborhood People trust that Faith has massive forces and Om Banna had the power ensures every one of the individuals who drive on the national thruway 65. Well on the off chance that you happen to visit this sanctuary bear in mind convey a container of whisky for Om Banna.

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